Keelboat Instruction Schedule

Hoofer Sailing Club


1.) Most of our Keelboat lessons will begin on Monday, May 12, 2008. (A couple have started earlier).

2.) SPRAY will not conduct lessons until after May 18.

3.) Saturday MYC races begin on May 17th

Sunday MYC races begin on May 18th

Wednesday MYC races begin on May 28th

(Also, there is the Memorial Day race on May 26th)

4.) Note that we have 4 Dans as instructors: Dan J., Dan S., Dan B. & Dan W. -- And, we have Mike W. & Mike H. Mike M. -- And, Paul S. & Paul G.

5.) Lessons are 3 hours unless noted otherwise.

6.) I'll send out a special Memorial Day grid soon.

7.) Let's formalize the assistant instructor lesson

8.) Feel free to designate your lesson as:Beginner, Advanced, Crew/Skipper training, General mixed lesson, race lesson, etc...

9.) This schedule should be in a table. (Write to me if you can't read it).

10.) Email me with, preferences, changes, suggestions, etc...

11.) Toy Boat lesson for instructors on Thursday, May 8th at 5:30 pm. Specifically this will be for instructors who have never before taught on Toy Boat but are this season. Cover the specifics on rigging, layout, etc.

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